Testimonials from Customers

I am so happy to have found Your shop about 19 years ago. I don't think I would ever have read some of the authors I have if not having a recommendation from You. -Sharon Kamacho


Congratulations on making a dream come true. I too found your store about 20 years ago and always enjoy my visits with you. I haven't been in for awhile so I look forward seeing what you have done with the place. - Susan Reichmuth Bowman


Love that you give the local youth the chance to work at your store and learn to love the joy of reading! - Bev Davenport


Just heard tonight on NPR that independent books stores are making a come back! - Jill Emigh


I found your bookshop in 2005 when I took my giant bags full of laundry to the laundry mat next door (I had a 1 year old- lots of laundry). When I stepped outside to wait for my clothes in the sunshine, I saw $0.50 racks outside of your store. My mom is a librarian and I'm a total book worm, so I took my leftover quarters and bought three or four books. When I stepped inside, it was like I had died and gone to heaven! Bookshelves taller than I could reach stuffed FULL of books! Over the years, I have found books in your store that I couldn't find anywhere! I have brought other bookworm friends with me who have fallen in love with your store as well. I no longer live near enough to walk to get books and I do miss those book-finding adventures. Here's to another 25 years of community, kindness, and the amazing company of avid book lovers! - Devon Pakko-Lee


Love the store - Martha Hople


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