Book Exchange

ReRead is a used book store and book exchange, meaning 98% of our inventory comes from our wonderful customers! We buy, sell, and offer trade credit for used books.  We specialize in mass market genre fiction, but we are interested in a broad range of books. 

Bring in your gently used books and we can offer you 20% in trade credit of the book's original retail value. 

Use your trade credit to cover up to 50% of your purchase! Your trade credit has no expiration date! 

We were previously called the Lynnwood Book Exchange, trade credit under that business name is still valid! 

Would you like us to send a book to a friend or relative?   Not a problem!

We are happy to mail books.  Just make your purchases, we'll add the cost of postage and packaging, and your book(s) can be on their way to the distination of your choosing  that very day.  USPS Media Mail is a surprisingly affordable way to ship!  Just ask us to take care of it for you.